Monday, May 26, 2008

Things are looking up

You might wonder how I've had a hard time with things so nice here, but they were definitely not a picnic the first few days. I won't go into detail, but the first night we got here after a series of events I ended up crying myself to sleep and then an hour later crying again as Owen was sobbing because he couldn't sleep in the pack and play and was hysterical. I just had to put him back down and let him sob because he wouldn't calm down, but he considering it his bed now and is happy to get in just took a little bit of time. Day 2, falling up the tile stairs and getting the biggest bruise I've ever gotten in my life on my hip, and also my arm and other knee (luckily I wasn't carrying the kids). Day 3, getting shut out of a professional soccer game with Duane and the kids because of Owen being too young, everyone else had to go on in and we spent an hour and a half going from gate to gate trying to get someone to let us in...after walking two miles from the cars with the kids on everyone's shoulders so there's now way I could carry one of them back to the car all that way so we just had to wait outside most of the time until the game was over. I about lost it a couple of times when we were begging to be let in and no one would listen. That was REALLY hard. It was hard to understand why God wouldn't want us in there but obviously He didn't. I have had to get adjusted to not being able to communicate with people, we were supposed to have our Vonage home phone number here but we are not going to be able to hook it up to the house... no TV, computer, internet, phone! Not just these things, but everything in general my flesh was SCREAMING for comfort those first few days. But now that things have not worked out and I have my expectations set, I am glad. I can't run to those things, and especially the phone which is usually what I do, or a nap. But even though I am pregnant, when I take a nap I only doze or either just sleep an hour. I am just not that tired and so I read. I brought my journal with me from my original ITP Thailand trip and that whole year and it has been so good to read and ask God to rekindle my heart and that by the end of the summer I would be intimate with Him again. And the last few days, I have seen Him sustain me and seen in ways that I haven't seen in a long time (mainly from not needing to) that He really is my portion, and my Rock, and that even when things are upside down He will take care of me and make everything ok inside. I think it will be a good summer.

Oh, Mexico

I'm not kidding...this is all that was available within walking distance to the church. It takes about 3 minutes to get there and it feels SO safe (a huge answer to prayer). This place is like a fort too... a 15 foot wall in the back with a foot of barbed wall on top and the front has a locked gate too. There's no way anyone's getting in here! I met my across the street neighbors today, she actually teaches English and I can say something other than "hola"...yeah!

the kitchen...

Ben and Katie's bathroom...this is only half of it and it has a sauna too. We have a bathroom on each of our bedrooms with big showers, which is good for keeping the water out of the kids faces.

the backyard with our "new pool"

the view from our roof

Although the house is very nice and big, it was very overwhelming initially in regards to really did scare me. He's already dangerous and there are a few places he could fall and be seriously injured. There were no baby gates at Walmart (yes, we have a Sam's, Home Depot (where we got the big fans we need to sleep!) and a grocery store a 15 minute walk from home - downhill all the way which means uphill all the way back:) my calves hurt so bad the first time. Anyway, he understands now that he can't go upstairs so things are much better! The weather is so nice and there is no need for AC - we just leave the windows open constantly and it feels so good!

First, about the baby

Some of you may know that the baby measured about a week earlier than I thought and so before we left for Mexico I went and got blood drawn over 2 days and right as I got to the airport the doctor called and said that everything looked great and actually my hormone levels were really strong and that would account for my pregnancy test being positive a week after conception. Anyway, I'm going to the doctor here (which is amazing because 3 of my new friends go to this doctor and he is 1 of 2 that Blue Cross covers in Guadalajara, again...amazing). After I see the heartbeat I'll just wait until I get back. I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant though, I feel so good. I'm less tired than I have been in a long time and actually have a great appetite (too good maybe). I'm so thankful though for not having to feel bad on top of adjusting here.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're having another baby!

That's right!