Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cute pics!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Thank you God!

We have jasmine (about a foot high) for a lovely 2/3 of our backyard, and it just keeps growing.

On a sidenote: When I was over-emotional and we were looking for houses last summer, after Duane had told me he liked the house, we stepped into the backyard, and I said, "Is this what you want for your children?" (another side note, our backyard in Pcola was HUGE and I had so looked forward to Bailey and Owen getting to play back there). Duane and I laugh about this now, but you get the idea of how much jasmine is in our backyard (and the rest is pretty much dirt).

Anyway, we had checked into getting it dug up when we moved here and got a quote for about $1000 (then would have had to sod on top of that). Since we are having to build a shed right now, we could not do both. Well, our neighbor next door had some landscaping people working on their jasmine, and I mentioned we were trying to get rid of ours. They offered to dig it out of our backyard if we didn't charge them for the jasmine!!! (And I just thought a few minutes ago, we know they'll get all the roots because otherwise it won't grow:) Just wanted to share God's faithfulness!

Bad parent award again! or "Good baby award" as a friend said

Today I had a friend and her 2 kids over and after they left I was helping Bailey play and also cleaning up. I noticed that Owen had gotten really quiet but didn't think much of it because a few minutes before he had really been concentrating on moving the train pieces on his exersaucer. I came in and this is what I found. He didn't even cry.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Okay, usually Owen is a pretty lively fellow when going to sleep in his crib. He plays for a while, then when he gets quiet I go in and find him in various positions, this morning with his legs through the crib slats. Well, this afternoon, after being especially squeally (I thought, he is really having a good time in there), I let him get quiet and forgot about him for a few minutes. About ten minutes later I remembered and went to check on him, and his blanket was all the way around his head, tight (not around his neck), i mean SNUG and he was asleep breathing in and out really loud. He took a deep breath when I pulled the blanket off. Poor little guy was trying to tell me the whole time. Oh well, at least I know now that babies really can breathe through crochet blankets! In addition, last week he was in his portable swing, and I was having lunch in my kitchen with someone, and had my back turned to him. I haven't been strapping him in because up until now I have found it really hard to believe how a baby could fall out of those bucket swings. Anyway, I heard a small noise which I didn't pay any attention to, but a few minutes later I glanced over, and Owen was on the floor playing on his stomach on the tile! I guess he flipped out, caught himself and decided it was a good change of scenery. Poor second child:) I'm glad all of this didn't happen the first time around.

A funny Bailey story:
In school the other morning, Bailey was having a bad day as far as obedience goes. After being put in time out two other times (which I don't really love the whole time out idea but oh well), they said she disobeyed and then said "I'm going to go get in time out." They said it was hard to follow through when she was so cute.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring pics

Of course, my first pictures have to be of the kids! Bailey was with Daddy at Home Depot and the picture of Owen is him at 7 1/2 months, weighing 25 pounds and 29" long (half my height)!