Sunday, March 21, 2010

Family hike

Hike is a relative term right? It can still be called that for 20 minutes of walking, right? Well, the pictures look adventurous. Next time we will take friends so we will not hear, "I'm tired. I want to go home. I want to turn around. I want to go back to the car.", etc. etc. We still had fun, and went to a little beach area afterward and they played. Seth went to sleep for awhile in the backpack. We will have to do things like this more often.

Bailey's first lost tooth

Bailey had to get a tooth pulled last week. She did great! She trotted right off to the back and the dentist said he'd never seen someone so motivated to get a tooth out:) Unfortunately, her permanent tooth won't be in for a couple of years!

Bailey also learned to ride her bike this weekend without training wheels! Duane said it was like all of a sudden a switch went on and she got it. Kind of sad to watch a new milestone pass by - she's getting to be so big.

Cute things

They have both been doing more drawing lately. I used to worry that Bailey didn't know how to draw things, but I have seen as she gets older, she just starts to transfer what is in her head to paper. That's our family on the left. Owen is just learning to do the same. I found this drawing the other day and cracked up laughing. He said that the two dots on the bottom are his knees (it's Daddy, by the way).

Bailey has gotten really creative lately and it is pretty funny sometimes. She got in a phase for a few weeks where she was making things with those Trio blocks and this was a creation of her and Owen (she made Owen just for kindness, she said)- he's the small one, obviously.

Seth, just being his cute self.