Friday, March 28, 2008

Almost done!

Old bathroom...

New bathroom...(alot of work later)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New milestones

Owen has been doing some pretty cute stuff lately. The last few days, he has been saying "funny" when we are playing a game or laughing. The other day, he was saying "yewwow, gween, bwu, red, puple" pointing to a piece of cardboard. I didn't know where he was getting this until I was watching his favorite Wiggles video with him. We also have Wiggles songs on jump drive for the car, and he does all the hand motions with it - in his cute Owen way. So funny. Last night he surprised me by counting to ten (he always misses eight) although on the same three fingers! I'm not sure where he got this either. He is learning so much and is a delight as a normal day for him is squealing everywhere he goes with his mouth wide open in a big grin.
Bailey is learning so much but in different ways. I am finding that I have to be careful not to just talk about the cute things that Owen is doing because of the stage he's in, and leave her feeling unnoticed. She is developing too, but more in a maturing way. One very cute thing she has started doing is helping Owen - take off his shoes "Owen do you want your shoes off - and he says "Uh huh" with a smile or his pants and of course he loves Bailey taking care of him. She has also started picking him up and helping him off slides and step-downs (although he doesn't need it I think he likes it). I see her becoming more thoughtful and thinking outside herself some. She is a joy too. I am so thankful for both my children!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In process